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Product News Jan 2023

New great year and we are committed to providing even stronger support in bringing our strategy to fruition with the participation of all employees. Our continued focus is to empower employees to make informed decisions, facilitate collaboration and foster a sense of ownership in the strategic process.

Celebrate every step together

Make every small step forward visible together and celebrate each other's achievements.

Dashboard - The overview that triggers great discussions

Effectively communicate and track the progress of your strategic goals, promptly address any necessary changes, and collaborate as a team.

Ensure that all employees have access to the same comprehensive information and recognize and celebrate successes along the way.

Integrations to Google Spreadsheets and Excel

Are you currently using Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel for your key metrics or KPIs? Now you can easily integrate these files into Our Big Picture and avoid having to re-enter them. Efficient and easy!

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