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Bring strategy to life

Get started quickly and effortlessly

Strategy Visualisation

1.000 EURO


Strategy walkthrough and visualisation


1.280 EURO


A little support getting started


5.600 EURO


Create a long term capability to involve coworkers with the strategy. 

OKR Workshop

1.000 EURO


A highly interactive workshop where we learn the basics and train together. 


3.000 EURO


Strengthen your ability to bring the strategy to life together with coworkers

Choose the best plan for you

Focus and align with Our Big Picture



It's free!*

  • Everything you need to get started and create your shared strategic map

  • Guides

  • Support 

  • Mobile application

* 30 day trial period



per user/month*

  • Everything you get in Trial

  • Views: 

    • Where are we going?

    • How are we doing?

    • What does our plan look like?

    • What is our focus today?

    • Celebrate the progress of colleagues

  • Support in Swedish and English

* Minimum monthly fee is €125 

* No fixation


Let's talk

Custom pricing*

  • All STANDARD features 

  • Enterprise integrations 

  • Training Services

  • Mentoring Services 

  • Coaching Services

* Contact us for custom pricing

Are you working towards a higher purpose?

We offer Our Big Picture for free for NGOs, students and teachers.

Transform your organization with Our Big Picture.

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