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Product News March 2023

Clear red thread between activities and goals

We aim to create a clear red thread between our daily activities, our goals, and the desired outcomes of our company. Our new strategy allows us to focus on the outcome we want to achieve and then design our activities accordingly. By visualising our progress with a trend curve, we can easily discuss whether we need to adjust priorities or continue on the chosen path.

We have also implemented a simpler column structure that shows which activities are ongoing, which are completed, and in which order we need to handle those that have not yet begun. Each activity has a responsible person, an end date, and can be flagged if it gets stuck somewhere. These improvements make it easier for us to follow and manage our activities and goals effectively.

Visualize a timeline for your activities and outcomes simultaneously

With our new feature, you can easily visualise a timeline that shows your activities and outcomes at the same time. You can see when your activities were completed and when upcoming activities need to be finished. Additionally, you can clearly see how your activities affect your outcomes, giving you a deeper understanding of how everything is interconnected.

By having this overview of your activities and outcomes, you can easily reflect on your progress and identify opportunities for improvement. We believe that this feature will provide you with excellent conditions for achieving your goals effectively.

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