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Get started easily and quickly with automated tests with AI and ChatGPT 

Let us help you optimize your automated tests for your javascript project (NodeJS, Typescript).


Take the leap toward test-driven development and experience a rapid increase in test coverage, resulting in safer, faster, and more robust software. We support you with automated tests using AI.  In this way, strengthen your team and your ability to work with automated tests.

Supportive Consultancy packages

 Bring your strategy to life 

Get started with the first 10 tests of a piece of code you choose and connect them to your existing deployment pipeline. 

10 first tests 

10.000 SEK

A 3-day training for the developers where together we identify the most critical code and create automated tests that connect to your deploy pipeline. 

Introductory package

24.000 SEK


Get intensive training in good practices for test-driven development with AI and connect the tests to your deploy pipelines.

Get started quickly

Quickly get tests for your most critical functions and security.


Support your team through code reviews and help them quickly build their testing capacity.

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